Preserving the Harvest Journal + Planner

A 40 page 'preserving the harvest' journal and planner, packed with space for all your jottings, as well as information on:

- seasonality of produce
- how to store different types of vegetables, fruits and nuts
- different preserving methods, including: freezing, drying and
- bottling fruit
- filling, sealing and shelf lives of different preserves
- sterilizing containers
- jam and jelly making tips, including notes on pectin and acid levels of individual fruits
- lacto-ferments

The journal also features 21 template pages (including space for the season, cooking time, ingredients and method) to fill in your favorite preserve recipes. A great gift for any keen gardenener, allotment owner, forager or cooking enthusiast! Some people have also enjoyed filling out the recipe pages with their own favorites and sent the journal to their friends and family.

Printed on 200gsm A5 recycled paper, with a 300gsm Kraft card cover. Featuring all original artwork.

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