On The Farm By David Elliott



“This handsome poetry collection feels as hearty and comforting as a bowl of sugared porridge. . . . Children will delight in the fun and beauty.” — Booklist (starred review)

From the bull to the barn cat to the wild bunny, the farmyard bustles with life. The rooster crows, the rams clash, the bees buzz, and over there in the garden, a snake — silent and alone — winds and watches. David Elliott’s graceful, simple verse and Holly Meade’s exquisite woodcut and watercolor illustrations capture a world that is at once timeless yet disappearing from view — the world of the family farm.



David Elliott says that his sister really does have a cat with one eye and that she was the inspiration for the cat in this story (the cat, not the sister).

Board Book
Published by Candlewick
Mar 27, 2012 

 32 Pages 

 9-3/4 x 10-7/8 

3-7 years 

 ISBN 9780763655914


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