NO.10: Sweet Grapefruit Reed Diffuser


Ice cold lemonade.  Dinner on the patio with your favorite people.


Low maintenance, long-lasting home fragrance that doesn't require a match!

Each diffuser lasts 2-3 months or more, just flip the reeds once in a while to get a fresh whiff of scent.

Size: 4.25" in height, reeds are 10" long. Each bottle includes 1" of head space.



Featuring P.F. Candle Co:  a Los-Angeles-based fragrance company passionate about the way home fragrances can change the vibe in a room.

Using the California wilderness as their inspiration, husband-and-wife team Thomas + Kristen continue to create carefully curated scents using domestically grown soy-wax, cotton core wicks, + nature's finest scents like eucalyptus, sea salt, jasmine, + moss. 

All hands are on deck at their Southern California warehouse where candles are designed, produced, packed, + shipped around the world.

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