Handful Sensory Dough - Pineapple Upside Down Cake


The Handful Dough Co. creates all of the sensory dough from locally sourced + Canadian ingredients. The sensory doughs are all naturally scented + coloured. The dough is made from completely food grade ingredients + contains no artificial preservatives.


-handful dough keep sbest in the fridge

-your dough may feel hard and/or crumbly when taken directly out of the fridge. that is normal, as you knead the dough, it will soften and become more pliable.

-if your dough ifs left out + dries out, it can be rehydrated with a little water + a small amount of oil.

- always store your dough in a jar or airtight container.

- most importantly, play often!


Amy + her partner Mike create all of the sensory doughs in Regina, Saskatchewan. As a mom of three, Amy found creative fulfillment in creating the brand Handful Dough Co. This sensory dough became a way to combine her two greatest joys : her kids + being a creator of things. 

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