FOUND. Patina Clothing Iron


FOUND. // A collection of designer curated vintage pieces. Found + collected for you by Farmer's Daughter Interiors designer Kelsey Grose. 

Patina Clothing Iron. This piece has so much beautiful detailing on it: from the worn thumb print on the handle to the rainbow colours coming through the patina finish of the iron this piece's character is entirely unique. Great as a decor piece for your laundry room or bookcase. The inscription on the back of the iron reads " Canadian beauty : Electric Iron // Renfrew Electric & Refrigerator Co. Ltd. - Renfrew Canada" 

8" tall x 4.5" wide

"I love the depth + character that found pieces bring to a room - the way they tell a story of days past; a testament to the timelessness of their future."  -Kelsey

All items are one-of-a-kind. Due to the nature of vintage, these items may have imperfections. If there is a major flaw on a piece we will point this out in the description. 

*The patina colouring on the surface of this piece adds value to its character and is considered an addition rather than a flaw. Meant to be used as decor rather than for function.

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