Dhaara pillow


Dimensions: 22”L x 22”W
Material: 100% natural, handwoven cotton with an exposed brass zipper
Colour: Soft ivory ground with fawn and Indigo desert stripes


Brown and Indigo desert stripes, unevenly spaced, meet in the middle on the ultra-cozy Dhaara pillow. Woven from incredibly soft handspun cotton and finished with lush tassels, this fluffy bundle satisfies all our textured pillow cravings, it’s no wonder that we call it a texture delight. With a bit of modern, a bit of boho and loads of warmth, it makes a perfect layering piece. We’re dreaming of these for a farmhouse style couch in a room filled with light and greenery.


Producing some of the finest materials and hand-woven textiles in India, this maker has a story all her own.  Sukriti's journey from India to the United States ignited a passion to bring the fascinating local craftsmanship of her home country with her to North America.  Collaborating with 50 women weavers on the ground in her home country, Sukriti designs original textiles that are woven by hand on traditional looms, each yard taking time, patience, and skill to produce while showcasing the beauty and mastery rooted in traditional hand weaving.  She believes that "the voices behind the stories of such incredible artistry can resonate timelessly in our modern, well-traveled homes" and we can only wholeheartedly agree


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