Culinary Herbs Perpetual Calendar

Featuring all original drawings, each month of this perpetual calendar depicts a culinary herb alongside a step by step seasonal vegetarian recipe. Recipes range from 'Chive and wild garlic frittata' to 'Lemon verbena drizzle cake', and celebrate the chosen monthly herb as the star ingredient.

There is a key to the life cycle of each herb and how it can be propagated, with further planting information on how to grow herbs by seed, stem cuttings and root division at the back of the calendar.

The fact that it is a perpetual calendar, means it's the perfect gift for any home cook or gardener, any time of year.

Printed on a heavyweight (280gsm) laid paper in rich cream paper, which gives a luxurious, old world look. The paper is soft to touch with lines impressed on both sides. Bound with a white spiral binder.

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